Explore the vast Universe that is FIGHTPROOF, layered on top of the real world through location-based gameplay!

Battle online or over WiFi Direct with 1-on-1 Brawl Matches where only the strong survive!

With the RPG aspect of F!GHTPROOF, comes tons of digital items, special power-ups, and even the rare, one-of-a-kind, collectible fighter characters... Quickly filling up your inventory and Roster shouldn't be hard.

In order to join a Brawl Match certian criteria must be met; both players' experience levels must be the same or close to, a Host's wager in TKO Tokens must be matched by the opposing player or a wager in the form of a digital asset of equivilant value must be manually accepted by both the Host and the opposing player. Digital assets come in the form of, but not limited to, virtual goods, power-ups, weapons, and charaters.

Gain XP points during Brawl Matches and Quests to Level up your fighters. Leveling up a fighter unlocks unique special attacks and weapons a player can utilize in battle! Or upgrade a current fighter's attributes in areas of attack, defence, knowledge and stamina.

Black market is a real-world location which houses a virtual marketplace where players can buy, trade, or sell their virtual goods, weapons, rare collector's digital assets, or even one of their very own Fighters who just happen to be listed in the TOP 100! Everything has a price in this world!


Players shall be able to register their very own unique usernames that will act as their unique identifier on the blockchain which would make transactions between TKO wallets easier and safer.

Don't have fancy ASIC mining equiptment? Don't worry, in our world our game is your miner! Only while you are in-game, will TKO be automatically mined in the background without using heavy recources or energy!

Similar to a Block Explorer, except instead of transactions, it will display in full transparency, every Brawl Match along with its associated fight data. Such data consists of extremely detailed accounts of each Brawl Match, organized and recorded onto the blockchain in a "Point-for-Action" format. "Point-for-Action" refers to the individual actions a fighter has made during a match and the points gained or lost because of that action. ie.

+Every Attack (Punch, Kick, Combo) 0>Every Miss (No Contact/phantom)
-Every Hit (Damage Taken)+Every Block (Defensive Move)

The use of Smart Contracts within F!GHTPROOF is verify and secure its ecosystem (Wager system, Match Explorer, Leaderboard, digital asset ownership) from any third party matipulation, influence, theft or cheating attempt. Our developers are also excluded from having any special in-game access or treatement.

Located on the homepage of Match Explorer is a hierarchy of Fighter's names and related fight information pertaining to the skill and history of a specific fighter. We call this hierarchy, our Leaderboard. On this Leaderboard, at the top of the list, lies a fighter's name with his total score of Action Points tallied up next to the words "El Heffe"... that is the number one spot, EI Heffe, The Boss, the best fighter in the game.

A Servicenodes, also referred to as a F!GHTnode, are similar to a masternode in ownership requirements and reward payouts. There a two main functions to a F!GHTnode:
1. To store important game data such as entire Katharos blockchain.
2. To be voted in as a "Witness" inorder to bring consensus through Delegated Proof-of-Stake

Token Structure


Joe Fossum-Perez

Founder & Unity Developer

Ghazi Ijaz

Unity Developer

Holly Evans

Public Relations


F!GHTPROOF Dashboard Status: LOCKED

Create an account and gain access to your very own F!GHTPROOF Dashboard and unlock the many exciting features and content only available to our community!

Frequently Asked Questions

F!GHTPROOF is a highly competitive online RPG that is being developed on a hybrid blockchain (Ethereum Mainnet, BloXroute, & IPFS) to aid in low latency gameplay while still remaining decentralized in manner. By leveraging blockchain technology, F!GHTPROOF gains advanced in-game security, true digital asset ownership through NFTs, decentralized file storage for both player & game data, and monetization through the gameification of wagering our Utility token, TKO. In comparison to the many mobile video games today, F!GHTPROOF boosts a breath of fresh air! F!GHTPROOF combines RPG with the popular location-based gameplay feature that made Pokemon Go a hit. Now, add the monetizing and addictive match wagering feature that had made CS:GO skins valuable along with the arcade-style, PvP combat like of Capcom's legandry Street Fighter series or Midway's Mortal Kombat series... and you have one awesome game!
Yes. There will be a few different types of tokens within the F!GHTPROOF universe. Until we can move to our own blockchain, we will be utilizing the Ethereum blockchain along with its ERC-20 and ERC-721 token types. With that said, our hybrid utility token/cryptocurrency token, TKO, will be forged from the Ethereum blockchain and will require a compatiable ERC-20 token wallet for storage and transfer. Our digital game assets will be ERC-721 tokens which are non-fungible and each one unique. However, if we are unable to scale accordingly with our current Ethereum implementation than we would migrate to our very own blockchain and thus have a token swap of our current ERC-20 TKO token to our new mainnet TKO token.
We believe in a fair distribution of affordable tokens that will not lose value right out of the gate with the token being dumped on the exchanges for profit by early investors. So we decided to not have a Token Generating Event like a pre-sale or ICO/IEO. Instead, we have decided to use our own funds to be able to distribute the token through the use of decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provisions also known as Automated Market Makers (AMM) such as Uniswap, Mooniswap, and Balancer. Liquidity will be locked for a 6-month term. Think of this timelock as our fair distribution token sale. After the 6-month term has expired, we will then withdraw the liquidity fund to use for the development of F!GHTPROOF and begin listing TKO on decentralized and centralized exchanges.
Yes. However, its in alpha state and is currently only for internal testing at the moment. We will be opening up to beta testers soon before our offical launch. The F!GHTPROOF Dashboard will be unlocked and accessable via https://dashboard.fightproof.io before the game's official release. For more information keep and eye on our Telegram group.
The F!GHTPROOF Dashboard is a player's home base and will be accessable via https://dashboard.fightproof.io from your favorite web browser. It is chalk-full of in-game information, player statistics, and current news relevant to the F!GHTPROOF Universe. It also functions as an out-of-game digital asset storage for a player's F!GHTPROOF ERC-721 tokens as well as a cryptocurrency wallet for a player's TKO & ETH tokens. There will also be tons of more features available like a simple token swap exchange built right in to make trading your TKO for other cryptocurrency or an online market place to buy, sell, and trade your non-fungibles in a fast and easy way!
Our TKO token will start out at a value of zero and it will grown naturally in price with the help of our F!GHTPROOF community's involvement. Until the official release of our mobile game, F!GHTPROOF, we shall safely consider this token distribution via AMM & its act of staking to be a social experiment. As such an experiment, risk is always present and should be accounted for before participating.

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